April and Chetan

Our Hearts are Full!

Thank you to everyone for visiting our website, and hopefully coming to spend this day with us to celebrate our love. We got very lucky to find each other, and every day we wake up grateful for it. We have had many adventures, and we are ready for many more. We are so lucky to have many amazing people in our lives, and we can't wait to have all of our friends and family from around the world all together in our home city, NYC to celebrate with us.

How it Began was just meant to be ...We were opening a restaurant together (Chetan as a Chef, and April as a Sommelier), and during our orientation, we were assigned groups to show the Chefs from India around NYC. Chetan was my Chef. :) And the rest is history.
Sometimes the most unexpected moments bring the most joy and happiness. We continue to wake up every day together with smiles on our faces. Even when life gets tough, knowing we have each other is enough. It is a true gift and we surely are blessed.
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